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Adventure Tour

Adventure Tour

Patalsu Peak

Himalayas is a temptress, strikingly majestic, whose appeal not many can resist …… then give yourself a chance to meet Her in private. Plan to date with her and, remember, while on dating you are alone with your friend.

Learning Preparatory Mountaineering

Peace, tranquility, solitude, and loneliness in the wilderness of Himalaya are the things what we would like to make you savor. To attain this feeling we take you to some less known yet awesomely beautiful places not visited by the ordinary trekkers and hikers. Small group, little pace… on nameless terrain is our strategy. 
Season: April to June

Hamta Pass

DAY NO.1- Manali
Arrival at Manali. Shopping for the trek.

DAY NO.2- Manali to Hamta Village
Manali to Prini village by vehicle. Prini to Hamta on foot uphill trek.

DAY NO.3- Hamta to Chhika
Hamta to Chhika (3000 m) It is an ideal location for the end of the day-march.

DAY NO.4- Chhika to Balu
Chhika to Balu Paddar (3800)

DAY NO.5- Balu
Acclimatization rest. Necessary preparations for high altitude trekking.

DAY NO.6- Balu Paddar to Hamta Pass
Balu Paddar to Hamta Pass (4270 m) Get a close view of Deo Tibba & Indrasan peaks.

DAY NO.7- Hamta Pass to ChhatruCross
Hamta Pass to ChhatruCross the Hamta Pass and visit the Chandra Valley.

DAY NO.8- Chhatru to Manali
Chhatru to Manali by taxi.

DAY NO.9- Departure
Departure in the afternoon

Deo Tibba Trek

DAY NO.1- Manali
Arrival at Manali. Acclimatization and preparatory day for the Trek.

DAY NO.2- Manali to Prini village
Manali to Prini village by jeep and from Prini to Panduropa trekking. Overnight at Panduropa (2800mts)

DAY NO.3- Panduropa to Marhi
Uphill trek of 4 hours. Overnight at Marhi (3300 mts)

DAY NO.4- Marhi to Piyangniru
Uphill and traverse trek of 4 hours. Overnight at Piyangniru ( 3900mts)

DAY NO.5- Piyangniru to Raulikhol
Almost traverse trek of 5 hours . Overnight at Raulikhol ( 3300 mts)

DAY NO.6- Hurgada and Raulikhol to Prini vllage
After breakfast, disembark and transfer by bus from Luxor to Hurgada (05 hours). Arrive at Hurgada and Raulikhol to Prini vllage ——- Downhill trek of 4 hours. From Prini to Manali by Jeep

DAY NO.7- Departure
Departure in the afternoon.

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